Any type of notary`s services

Notary (lat. notarius – clerk, secretary) is a person specially authorized to perform notarial acts, including certification of authenticity of copies of documents and extracts therefrom, certification of authenticity of signatures on documents, certification of accuracy of documents’ translation from one language into another, as well as some other acts, the rules of which differ from each other in different countries. Types of notarial acts.

Notaries perform the following notarial acts:

  • Attest contracts, including powers of attorney, wills, contracts (purchase and sale, exchange, mortgage of movable and immovable property and other types of contracts);

  • Issue certificates of inheritance;

  • Take measures to protect inherited property;

  • Issue a certificates of ownership for share in the common property of spouses;

  • Impose and remove bans on alienation of property;

  • Certify authenticity of copies of documents and extracts therefrom;

  • Certify authenticity of signatures on the documents;

  • Certify accuracy of documents’ translation from one language into another;

  • Certify that the citizen is alive;

  • Certify that citizen is in a certain place;

  • Certify identity of the citizen with the person depicted in the photo (identification);

  • Certify time of documents’ submission;

  • Transfer statements of individuals and legal entities to other individuals and legal entities;

  • Accept for deposit monies and securities;

  • Make executive inscriptions;

  • Present checks for payment and certify non-payment of checks;

  • Accept documents for custody;

  • Protest bills of exchange;

  • Commit marine protests;

  • Provide evidence;

  • Perform other notarial acts, provided for by legislative acts of the Russian Federation

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