Notarial translations

One of our main services is notarial translation of documents. This service is in high demand nowadays, because certified translation of documents is required by many authorities of the Russian Federation or any other country.

Thus, notarial certification of translations includes two phases of work. First, professional translators, whose qualification is not in doubt and is improved each year, translate documents from any language. Then a notary makes notarial certification of translations. And the notary does not certify translated text itself, he/she certifies authenticity of signature of the expert who translated the document, that is why according to applicable laws the notary is entitled to certify the translator’s signature if he/she knows him/her personally and is confident in his/her qualification. As you can see, this activity is not lacking bureaucratic complications and can cause a lot of difficulties. Our network of translation agencies challenges difficulties and performs these operations in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices. Our company makes notarial translations of any documents of any complexity. For notarial translation it is necessary to submit original document to any of our offices. Document authentication can be certified by our seal, this option is cheaper and much faster, but not all authorities take such documents into work. We will always find translator for you and certify your ready translation. Everything`s simple – submit, pay, get back! No queues, no nerves, we are working for you!

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